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Puppy Pricing and Explaination!

First off ALL of our Schnauzers are AKC registered, but we strive to sell our puppies as PETS first!

Pets come with NO registration papers and therefore are cheaper than puppies with full AKC registration.

We ONLY sell our puppies as PETS with NO PAPERS or BREEDERS with FULL AKC PAPERS ONLY (rare occasions)!

We do NOT sell puppies with Limited Registration papers or registration papers from any other registry than AKC.

ALOT goes into the price of our schnauzers, we take into account Size, Coat, Color, Registration/Pedigree (full or pet), and gender:

1.) Size, the smaller the puppy the more expensive it will be, teacups & toys can be very hard to raise and take alot more time!

2.) Coat, Supercoats will be higher than regular, silky & coarse coats.

3.) Color, in the order of cheapest first:

salt & pepper/salt & pepper parti ~ cheapest

black/black parti

liver pepper/liver pepper parti

liver/liver parti

white/white parti

wheaten/wheaten parti

black & silver/black & silver parti

liver & tan/liver tan parti ~ most expensive

*of course flashiness does play a part in ANY color, the flashier the puppy the more the price will increase.

4.) Registration, AKC registration is HIGHER than PET price.

*inquire about full registration BEFORE placing a deposit otherwise you will NOT receive registation papers!

5.) Gender, Females are almost always higher than males, in the exception of teacup males, then they will be higher if Full registration is required.

* All teacups will sell on Spay/Neuter contract UNLESS otherwise agreed upon prior to sale.

If you have any questions about the price of our puppies feel free to call or email.

[email protected]